Eyelid Surgery Or Under Eye Lift

The eyelid surgery or under eye lift is a cosmetic surgery that aims to remove puffiness under eye. Also, This procedure can also improve the grooves of dark circles.

With this surgical procedure is achieved rejuvenate the face patients, since the upper and lower eyelids or is remodeled by removing excess tissue repositioning thereof.

Under Eye Lift

The eyelid surgert an ambulatory surgery which may last 1 a 3 hours, and once the person is operated can go home to sleep smoothly.

The side effects are temporary and consist of swelling and bruising of the eyelids surgery, but within two weeks and return to their normal color. However, swelling is gradually disappearing, so the end result is only several months after.

There are two types of under eye surgery: the upper and lower, the later being the most common for the removal of bags under eye.

From post-operating of the eyelid surgery inferior not injured and therefore, is very rare that a patient needs a specific type of recovery.

Anyway, after eyelid surgery is recommended during the first days no physical effort to avoid problems such as bleeding and reduce recovery time.

Many people choose every day to stop the eye bags with blepharoplasty, since it is an solution to the problem swelling of the eyelids, especially if its causes are hereditary.

If you are considering blepharoplasty, you have to be well informed about the procedure and seek cosmetic surgery center in order complying with all legal requirements.