Home remedies for eye bags: Classical cucumbers

Who has not seen in movies or television series to get the classic trick cucumbers on her eyes? This home remedy is quite common and widespread, inasmuch as works quite well.

The cucumber very often used to relax the skin, be very effective in removing eye bags and not only that, but also as a mask we can use it to decongest the area of ​​the face.

For remove eye bags with the aid of cucumbers we can get two slices of fresh cucumber about 1 centimeter wide, pre-cooled in the refrigerator.

Eliminar bolsas en los ojos con pepinos

Then, you just have to cover your eyes with cucumber slices for about 15 the 20 minutes, letting this vegetable do its job. The result is a reduction of inflammation and also if you have dark circles, a decrease of these.

As we mentioned, We can not only use cucumber to put over our eyes, but you can also make a simple mask cucumbers.

But, How to make a mask of cucumbers? It is very simple: first thing is to crush a few slices of fresh cucumber with peel (far better) with the aid of a blender. Already trituado, you just have to apply it on the face and eyes.

With 10 minutes of application and sufficient notice how your skin back to its natural state.

If you prefer something simpler, It is also a good choice cut slices of fresh cucumber and leave to act in the face.

Have you tried the cucumber to reduce eye bags or dark circles? What do you as a result?

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