The causes of eye bags They can be of various types, whether environmental, Power, caused by a poor night's rest, by genetic factors or by a predisposition of the body to accumulate fat in our lower eyelids.

Here are the most common causes of bags under the eyes:

1. Fluid retention

One of the most common causes that affect men and women alike are caused by fluid retention. These bags are watery and the factors that can trigger them are in your environment that can correct most as a insufficient rest or lack of adequate sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol and / or snuff, utilization facial creams inadequate for our needs, overworked at a computer, retention by the body, hormonal problems or allergies.

The retention in our eyes is usually higher around up in the morning, since the vertical position when the situation favors sleep. Also, to be the closed eye and eyelid no activity favors to wake the next day with those nasty bags.

2. Inadequate food

If we do not feed us properly and we do not provide the necessary nutrients to our body, we can suffer problems eye bags. For example, if we eat fruits and vegetables will be likely to have poor blood circulation and therefore, the eye bags appear on our face and giving it envejeciéndolo these unwanted elements.

La sal

Consuming too much salt when preparing food is also a factor that can cause it bags under eyes. Salt promotes water retention and this leads us to the point 1, which is a major cause of the formation of eye bags.

3. Hours of insufficient sleep

If not rested well, at least 7 hours of rest and good sleep- We can aggravate the problems of swollen eyelids, so that these become larger. Si bien, not getting enough sleep is no reason for the appearance of eye bags, yes it can aggravate the problem. Therefore, must be taken to sleeping well.

4. Heredity

There are people who have a genetic predispocisión develop bags under the eyes without necessarily suffer some of the items noted above. However, swelling in the lower eyelid may improve or disposed of by other means such as surgery-specific with bleferoplastia- or by improving sleep habits and alimentición.

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3 thoughts on “Causes

  1. emiliano
    10 July, 2013 at 3:20

    Any solution if surgery

  2. leydy
    19 July, 2013 at 15:55

    good morning I have 20 years and have eye bags is terrible because they are permanent and whatever you do not take away 3 years and. And the worst are increased

  3. judith Tapia
    27 August, 2013 at 13:28

    makes a 8 months that I have a concern about diseases that this child with depression, he is young 18 years old, since then I been forced to take sleeping pills the Neo zetix, but lately I see the bags under the eyes, never before had had, will be for sleeping pills, I am also very depressed.

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