All about eye bags

Have eye bags? If the answer is “yes”, then you know you're not the only person suffering from this problem. More and more people wake up bags under the eyes causing them discomfort in everyday.

The characteristics of eye bags

bolsas debajo de los ojosFeatures are a remarkable swelling in the lower eyelid and unfortunately give a sad and tired look, still morning wake-around- time when most noticeable.

It is important that we tell if our problem is eye bags or simply a problem of dark circles, since they are facing different issues.

On the one hand, and as we have pointed, the eye bags are caused by unusual swelling in the lower eyelid, while the circles are purple-blue pigmentation, gray and dark caused by the rupture of some venita passing by.

The reasons why we have eye bags may vary and be of different types. For example, It may be possible due to fluid retention and therefore are situations that we can handle, or they may also have a genetic or hereditary causes will be more difficult to treat naturally or with simple home remedies or a change of habits.

Ya conociendo las causas de las bolsas en los ojos y que puedes consultar en este sitio web en la sección Causas de las bolsas en los ojos nos será sencillo tomar medidas al respecto para disminuirlas o bien eliminarlas de manera definitiva y así recuperar un rostro bello, with eyes that convey joy for exhaustion.

Why eye bags appear?

As we mentioned, factors may be multiple, but then we told you is the most common.

The network of capillaries that nourish the eyes and the surrounding areas have to expand this well when we experience when we are sick or tired. This dilation can respond to a variety of causes, such as an infection or injury.

For these blood vessels are dilated by the most diverse causes oxygenated blood circulates and substances which aims to combat stress, especially under the eye, causing an obvious swelling we call the "eye bags".

Many times these eye bags are dark, since the skin of the area is extremely thin hide and show through the blood circulating in the area.

Anyway, the eye bags are not only annoying, but our eyes age.

Too much salt, smoking or alcohol lack of sleep more often the main causes of this inflammation submit our eyes. Although there are other causes, as we have already mentioned as:

- Genetic causes

- Retention líquitdos

- Accumulation of toxins

- Hormones

Anyway, a trick to avoid getting eye bags appear is to follow a balanced diet and keep our body hydrated with plenty of water.

Some of the tips that we suggest are as follows:

Sleeping with your head high

A good rest is essential, but also how resting. Sleeping with your head so that it is higher than the rest of our body is a good way to avoid the annoying eye bags waking. How do we achieve this? Very easy! We larger pillow or two, which will prevent fluid from building up in the bottom of our eyes.

Light Dinner

Since one of the main causes of eye bags is a poor diet, dinner before going to bed should be as light as possible. A system based on vegetables and very little salt menu help decrease fluid.

Wash your face to wake up and exercise

When you start the day, a good way to reduce dark circles is to wash your face with water just wake up very cool. This trick, coupled with physical exercise in the morning will help us down the bags. A trick to brave: fill a bowl with ice water and immerse the face can give very good results.

Classical: cucumber and tea bags

poner pepinos para las bolsas en los ojosThe old trick of putting under the eyes and the outline of a classic cucumber slices or tea bags (chamomile or green tea come in handy) are a way to make the movement of the area are active. It is important that either the cucumber or tea bags are cool for results.

Specific eye creams

To prevent the occurrence of annoying eye bags we can also use specific creams for this purpose and aplicárnosla before bedtime and after washing her face, to rise.

A good way to apply these creams is with the fingertips "type" where we are putting the.

Care to desmaquillarte

It uses a two-phase makeup remover and Do not bear a lot of pressure to remove your makeup, because if you do the eye bags are magnified.

What if none of this works and I still have eye bags?

Although always consider going under the knife is the ultimate alternative to this problem, There is an operation called blepharoplasty involves reshaping and eyelid bags affected by removal of excess tissue. By submitting to this operation will get a younger look, although as is imaginaréis surgery lasting approximately two to three hours and requires hospitalization.

But before that, recommend testing for cosmetic products. It is difficult to find the right one for each individual case, acertáis but if one is possible that eye bags are reduced remarkably us.

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